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Say goodbye to slow, clunky containers and VMs

Seamless and efficient Docker and Linux on your Mac. Glide through your work faster with our Docker Desktop alternative.

OrbStack running Traefik, Consul, amd MongoDB Docker containers, an Arch Linux machine, Linux files open in Finder, and nginx with port forwarding

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Fast, light, simple

No more battery drain or complicated VMs. OrbStack respects your machine, with powerful capabilities. No compromises.

Lightning fast

Starts in seconds with turbocharged networking, smooth Rosetta x86 emulation, VirtioFS file sharing, and other optimizations for some workloads.

Light as a feather

Keep it breezy with low CPU and disk usage, minimal memory consumption, and a native Swift app. Battery drain is a thing of the past.

Effortless integration

Enjoy Docker as if it were native to macOS, plus CLI integration, file sharing, and remote SSH editing with Linux machines.

Unbelievably simple

Drop-in replacement for Docker Desktop. Easily get started with Linux machines in 1 minute with the simple, yet powerful, app and command line.

Endlessly capable

Run Docker containers and Linux distros (soon Kubernetes) all with robust integration. Manage containers & machines from anywhere with the menu bar app.

Robust connectivity

Connect between Linux machines and Docker containers, and use IPv6 and ICMP painlessly. VPNs and DNS become friends, not foes.

See the magic

Embark on a seamless journey towards better development, within a matter of seconds.

Use Docker like it’s native

Build Docker images quickly and enjoy fast, reliable networking and file sharing. Bind mounts and port forwards just work. Debug containers easily with access to volumes. Run x86 containers with Rosetta. Docker Compose and other tools included.

Linux machines without the fuss

Run full-blown Linux machines with your favorite distro. Work seamlessly with Visual Studio Code (or your favorite editor) and SSH agent forwarding. Run Intel machines on Apple Silicon with Rosetta.

First-class command line integration

Live in the terminal? We think our native Swift app is great, but everything can be done from the command line. Run commands and copy files between Mac and Linux with ease. Send notifications and open files and links from Linux.

OrbStack virtual machine service in Activity Monitor, using 0.1% CPU

Light as a feather

With less than 0.1% background CPU usage on Apple Silicon, OrbStack sips power and stays out of your way. Less than 10 MB of disk space is used out of the box. You’ll never notice it’s running.

Feel the difference

OrbStack's unmatched performance and efficiency directly translates to a better experience. Skip the wait and leave your charger behind.

OrbStack2 sec
Docker Desktop15 sec
Colima20 sec
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Packed with helpful features

No matter the use case, OrbStack has you covered with features that simplify your workflow and help you move faster.

2-second startup
45 Gbps network
Seamless macOS integration
Linux machines
Rosetta x86 emulation
Optimized for Apple Silicon
0.1% CPU usage
Dynamic disk
Native Swift app
SSH agent forwarding
File sharing
2-way CLI integration
15 Linux distros
Remote VS Code
Localhost servers
Low initial memory usage
Accurate clock
Works without admin
Bind mounts
Docker volumes on Mac
Host networking
eBPF support
Native Docker UI
Menu bar app
Quick global actions

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